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House for an Artist

A row house on 14th street in North-West Washington D.C. for proposed client, artist Peter max. the block is nondescript with no defining features, and the client wants an expressive icon for his home. The house will have public gallery spaces, a two car garage, studio space, one bedroom, kitchen, living room and patio. Separating the public figure and their personal life is a critical design challenge for this project, as well as creating an architecture that is indicative of their work and character.



The focal point of the design is the floating facade that glows in the night using an illuminated glazing system. The ground floor is a transparent gallery space which is shaded by the building mass above. A public space, the galley is is visibly open, while the living quarters above are translucent and hidden from public view. A circulation core runs along the north side of the building, by doing this all circulation spaces are condensed allowing for an open and spacious floor plan. The isolated circulation space also allows for unique views from the second level into the gallery space and the integration of a private patio on the third floor of the row house.

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