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Southwest D.C. Information HUB

The design for a large urban music park to replace a parking lot that covers four city blocks, Originally the site of the old Washington D.C. Convention Center the proposed design will return two city blocks to the grid and maintain one super-block that will site the music park. Easily accessed from public transportation, the massive site is an ideal location a new landmark in Chinatown’s dense commercial district, and will be a nexus linking Chinatown, Penn quarter, Mt. Vernon, and Downtown.


The music complex site design establishes a public park that allows for the free flow of users through the site and between different program spaces arranged around the park. Features include a variety of arts related programs including one large seated amphitheater, two secondary amphitheaters, rehearsal spaces, retail, and restaurants. The dancing and fluid aesthetics of the complex is a nod to the tension and harmony that occurs in both music and dance.  This design scheme meshes within the flows of the site and creates an oasis amongst the city.


The plan is organized by subtle undulations in the landscape that subdivide and create a link throughout complex. The landscape starts on grade with the sidewalk and guides users from the primary access points down a slight slope to the heart of the complex, a large central piazza defined by the dynamic walls that frame the space. From this public space there is access to the main amphitheater and rehearsal spaces. Striking contrast with urban context, the walls dance with one another and play games as they converge on each other and float away at the same time. The piazza’s dancing curves utilize the site section to visually anchor users within the complex, while from street level they are subtle and dance with the tress in the park. The amphitheaters are below grade, hidden beneath lush tress that provide visual and acoustic buffers from the city.

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